Why Milk Buster?

You know how annoying it is when your baby’s bottles
turn cloudy and smelling of old milk over time?

We’ve been there too and that’s why we created
Nimble Babies Milk Buster,
a patented baby bottle cleaner that
detaches milk fat and proteins from plastic,
the main causes of cloudiness and smelly odour.

Once you’ve used it, your bottles will look and smell like new for longer.

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Removes milk residues better than washing-up liquid

Milk residue removal study conducted by Intertek Laboratories.

Wash experiments done at 25oC and medium water hardness.
Results were statistically analysed using t-test.

80% of mums said their bottles went cloudy over time and
76% were bothered about it

do you think babies would be bothered too?

What real mums say about Nimble

“This product puts my mind at ease as it targets smelly milk residues”

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Gemma, mum (Manchester)
“I like that you can aim it in the nooks and crannies.”

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Nicola, mum (Romford)
“Cloudiness was gone and also there was no smell left in the bottles.”

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Tara, mum (Colchester)
“This will be an award winner some time soon!”

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Lisa, mum (Berkshire)
“Bottles & teats are squeaky clean, rinsing is so much quicker”

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Kerys, mum (Gibraltar)
“Bottle smell certainly reduced and they smell more fresh”

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Hannah, mum (Stamford)
“Leaves bottles clear, shiny and odour free without any residues at all. Very stylish bottle too!”

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Petra, mum (Sheffield)
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