About Us – Our Story

Nimble Milk Buster was born out of a conversation between Von and his sister back in 2012, when she first started bottle-feeding his baby niece Rhianne; she had complained about her bottles becoming cloudy and smelly and frustrated that regular washing up liquid just wasn’t working for her.

Von, a chemist who was working for one of the world’s leading detergent manufacturers at the time, knew there had to be a better way to clean baby bottles.  So, he set himself the challenge to come up with an alternative to washing up liquid that was more effective and also used kinder ingredients for babies.

So, after testing many different formulations, carrying out experiments and extensive trials, in September 2015, Von launched Nimble Milk Buster, the first cleaning product specifically for baby bottles formulated using the safest cleaning ingredients derived from sugar, amino acids, and coconuts.

Since the launch, Von has formed a team who are a small group of passionate people, most of whom are parents themselves, who love what they do and are of course very nimble!  Our vision is to change the way parents wash baby bottles, so you can say goodbye to cloudy, smelly bottles forever more!